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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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it's already. it was then just. now. it. handcuffed and shackled brenton tar in the suspect in new zealand mosques shootings appears in court. for the welcome i'm watching now these are live from doha also coming out. flowers and heartfelt cards in memory of the dead in christ church tributes are pouring in from around the world. offering sympathy and support and reassurance new zealand's prime minister meets muslims and morning. and asked police reveal the gunman
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illegally obtained five weapons prime minister just in the arden tougher gun laws. new zealand is in mourning this follows the mass shootings at two mosques in christ church forty nine people lost their lives and more than forty others are in hospital but some still in critical condition the main suspect a twenty eight year old friends and tyrants has been charged with murder and it's almost sends us this report from christchurch. handcuffed and dressed in white prison clothes australian born brenton tyrant stood before a judge charged with murder you are really bonded without actually. tyrant is the main suspects of an attack at this mosque in christchurch. this was the scene shortly after the gunman opened fire at worshippers you can put out the front
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of the door and he started to rush through the before the people can move around for the front. because of the guy who was the behind before. one of my friends who was next to me but they were for the day before or for the front of me and out of people they sued him did you do they. the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred muslims worship was. shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshipers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away at least forty nine people were killed while nearly as many were left injured among the thirty nine patients admitted to hospital the children as young as two years old. four patients died on their way into the hospital yesterday dying before they arrived those injured ranged in ages from a very young to crowd elderly patients eleven of them are in the intensive care
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unit. including one female agent who mid twenty's all of those in i.c.u. what we would consider critically ill police have arrested a number of suspects using as prime minister said they weren't on security watch lists. arriving with a bomb disposal robot the place of started their investigation into lead a small city to the south of christchurch where the main suspect lived the area was evacuated as a precaution earlier place a discovered two bombs in the one suspect's car the unprecedented violence has prompted the government to commit to changing gun control laws my understanding is he held a category i gun license and again i purchased my advice currently is that he under the gun license was able to legally acquired the guns that he held they will give you an indication of why we need to change our gun laws the national threat level
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has been raised from low to high as place politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and the most shocking a time they've ever experienced older people have been gathering here. laying flowers and just standing in quiet contemplation there are a lot of questions to be answered about how this attack happened but there's a lot of grief and solidarity to be expressed under thomas' al-jazeera cross church and our correspondent wayne hayes also here they all nor moscow and i understand some of the police cordons have been taken down can you set the scene there. certainly did a short time ago we saw the police move into this area and move the cordon about two hundred meters down this road which leads to the el nor mosque which of course is where most of the people were killed on friday there is still very much a police cordon in place a very large police presence around the mosque itself which continues to be an
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active crime scene but slowly but surely that cordon is being reduced the police line being moved closer to that mosque site and when they move that cordon further down the road there were many people on hand as there has been right throughout the course of saturday who picked up the flowers the tributes that have been laid at the police cordon move them with the coordinate self down this road closer to the mosque and as you can see there are still many people here late at night on saturday night still coming here to pay their respects to the people that were killed in this tragedy and to offer a silent thought just to spend some time here and to reflect on exactly what has happened this is a very small city the city of christchurch certainly in world standards and zealand is a small country in general so it has hit this community very hard it is a resilient community though but it will take some time but the moment still the
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mood is very somber it is still one of shock of course when this attack has brought a lot of focus into new zealand's gun laws then when the prime minister says she will change can you explain to us what those last four and what people are calling for now. yes well there were very strongly worded comments from the new zealand prime minister this saying that the gun law will be changed she didn't suggest that she will push for this to be changed that it was going to be a proposal before parliament it was something very definitive that she would change the law and i don't imagine that there will be much opposition to that idea from within government or from within parliament whenever that issue is raised in a formal manner new zealand's gun laws are already quite strict although not strict enough to have prevented what happened on friday he had a similar automatic weapon something that you can buy legally in new zealand
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perhaps that river lation will be greeted with surprise by most the cylinders who may not realize this in your dramatic weapons are available for purchase in new zealand with a gun license you cannot do that in neighboring australia so that is something clearly that the new zealand prime minister will want to look to change and she also spoke about the modifications that were made to some of the weapons that were used on friday and something that needs to be looked at as well and also how easy it is for someone coming from from outside new zealand with a firearms license from their particular country australia for example being able to arrive here in new zealand and present that firearms license from their home country and get a weapon across the counter in this country without having to go through any sort of background checks now they're not suggesting that was the case in this scenario but certainly that will be something that will be looked into as this investigation goes on when he in christchurch for us thank you.
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has more from the australian city of grafton that is where the twenty eight year old suspect brendan tyrants and since childhood. this is a community in shock tyrant's spent the first twenty years of his life in grafton it's a sleepy regional town in country new south wales and we spoke with the arch dane of the anglican church here and he said that. the community can't believe that one of their own could be involved in an attack like this distressed parishioners have been calling in all day on saturday asking what it is they can do about the attack the we also spoke with the deputy mayor and he says that this community is one that has fallen on hard times recently economically with the loss of industry and now has to contend with the fact that is going to be associated with the attack in christchurch on sunday there will be a number of church services where the community will come together will be
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a lot of soul searching but also a show of support for the victims in christchurch world leaders have been offering messages of support to the people of new zealand on saturday the prime minister spoke to donald trump and asked what he could do to help i spoke with donald trump this morning he sought to costa rica he very much wish for his condolences to be passed on to new zealand he asked for support the united states could spread wide my message was sympathy and love for all muslim communities. well the u.s. president has described the attacks as terrible but the suspects manifesto suggests that trump was a source of inspiration i cannot has the details from washington. it was a somber day of prayer for american muslims all expressing sorrow for those who died in the new zealand attacks i'm absolutely heartbroken as everybody is today i
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i woke up to the news with my phone as well being outplayed us and i was absolutely i needed to come to my prayer but in a nation that has seen its share of attacks on houses of worship this concern about what many view as a sometimes inflammatory comments that are attard by the president i actually think that the rhetoric that exists from the white house is very much ignite responses that causes of else like these to happen around the world a message driven home by this muslim leader mr trump your awards not your policies matter they impact the lives of innocent people at home and globally in recent years the u.s. has seen an up taken extreme right wing violence at least one convicted extremist with clearly defined links to president trump sees a say accent pipe bombs to the president's critics and had pictures of donald trump
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on his van. and there was no specific criticism from the president a white supremacist in charlottesville whose actions led to the death of an anti races protester the president's response there are very fine people on both sides. after expressing sorrow for the new zealand attacks president trump insisted he did not think quite nationalists were a growing global threat i don't really i think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems and i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's a case i don't know enough about it yet they're just learning about the person and the people involved but it's certainly a terrible thing and discussing his border wall the president echoed the words of one of the killers who did legibly written we are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history people hate the word invasion but that's what
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it is it's an invasion of drugs and criminals and people the trump presidential campaign galvanized the us right wing attracting supporters like this former ku klux klan leader we are in the most critical lection probably in our history and donald trump is the guy that really stands up donald trump repudiated duke support but conservative whites with a key to his election victory a demographic the president continues to court for what he hopes will be another successful campaign mike hanna i'll just era washington. the opposition leaves parliament and takes the fight against corruption to the streets.
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we've got lots of fine weather across parts of southeast asia we pushed further south but it's was there into malaysia where weather will continue however across a good part of indonesia some more heat of the day shall as bring up and they will be heavy at times to count to thirty two celsius in the clouds and the right in more of the same as we go on through monday by monday you might just catch want to see the showers just drifting their way over towards the philippines and see a little bit of what weather just up towards the gulf of tonkin bangkok stays dry temperatures here active around thirty four degrees celsius and we're still into the thirty's across a good part of australia lives shall is just around the eastern side of the country southeastern parts of queensland seeing some pretty big storms showers to just pushing their way down across the coastal fringes of new south wales becoming a lad this generates rye lots of sunshine here still a little bit of wet weather over towards the the top ten tools and northwest of australia twenty celsius in perth getting up to twenty seven twenty eight degrees
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there for adelaide and also for melbourne the shallowest as you can see they continue on sunday we go on into monday fewer and further between they are still there nevertheless broad skies still coming back in behind and a space for the top temperature of thirty five. counting the course this week he's on a mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web we'll look at what chevy is safari called up with china's biggest e-commerce company counting the cost. this is the new key to understand very well where there. is and we don't leave.
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and i get what you desire and here's a reminder for our top stories the gunman arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks have been charged with murder twenty eight year old brenton tyron didn't enter a plea or seek bail forty nine people died in the shootings at two mosques in christ church on friday. new zealanders have been paying tribute to the victims of the shootings he said live pictures from their makeshift memorial has been set up at christ church where residents have been gathering to pray and lay flowers. news zealand's prime minister just in the ardent has met the muslim community leaders in the city and his promise to introduce tougher gun laws that the suspect had legally obtained five guns including automatic weapons. and other news
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agencies and bangladesh are preparing for monsoon season which could start as early as next month and last until october it is estimated that up to two hundred thousand refugees could be at risk stephanie decker has this report from the camps of caucasus bazaar in southeastern bangladesh which is also one of the wettest areas of the country. john katun son helps her carry sand up to where they now live a small basic hut in the biggest refugee camp in the world we spotted her picking up sand at the bottom of a hill this she tells us is to prepare for the upcoming monsoon season only to go up the concern for us is that the water will come inside the home plus it erodes this soil around the home and it's still continuing to erode the children sometime slip and fall so we are paving the place we send almost one million rohingya refugees live here having fled me and marjorie in the government crackdown in
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august of two thousand and seventeen this will be their third monsoon season away from home one of the main concerns of the monsoon season are landslides and that's because many of these huts a been built on slopes and you can see the sandbags have been used here to try and hold the ground but when the rains come you'll think wrench a water pouring down the slopes many people will tell you that these hearts which are made out of bamboo in tar poland will stand little chance but we're told reinforcement work has taken place on vulnerable areas and a whole new campus been built with stronger homes the ground too is getting extra help these are called soil retention walls all this in an effort to prevent landslides and allow the expected deluge of water to drain of quickly. sanjeeda was recently moved to this hut and she shares the space with her husband and six children that have a good deal about
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a little earlier our previous home had taught pauline which was blown away during the storm we fixed it with a double layer it was also located in low flat land but this one is on higher ground a much more protected. there are many aid agencies operating here the size of the camps means that this is more like a city but without the resources to cope with the same number of people and last year we really created twenty six twenty six thousand refugees who are especially vulnerable and there are places. and that was a good measure this year we hope that the number of much much smaller because we have strengthened. the south as here we have one more year of experience and that's why we have a kind of optimistic what is certain is that the rains will come high winds will pound these huts and the ground will turn wet and muddy but what's less certain is what will happen to all these people now living here stephanie decker al-jazeera in
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the refugee camps of cocks is bizarre. school children and students have walked out of class in more than one hundred countries to mother that the government's take action on climate change the so-called climate strike began last year and is growing quickly as this report. from sydney to hong kong from new delhi to nairobi stockholm to berlin and beyond a united voice calling for action on climate change we're taking to the streets because we haven't had an input into this issue and it's the issue that directly threatens all future is not that as i see my teachers encouraged me to miscast today they're like you need to you need to be. the un has warned there will be you reversible damage to the climate unless serious measures are taken before twenty thirty. in france students blocked the entrance to the headquarters of one of the country's biggest banks to protest against alleged investment in fossil fuels
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elsewhere in paris thousands more protested peacefully this boy said we think it's shameful that we're polluting and polluting and polluting this global movement involving students walking out of class in more than one hundred countries was inspired by this girl a sixteen year old swedish girl. who staged a solo protest outside the country's parliament last year. we are standing in front of an existential crisis the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and still people who knew a basis for decades and here in the united states protests happen in cities across the country the crowd sizes were smaller but it was just as urgent the u.s. as the world's second biggest actually witness coming in like china we're basically creating all of these issues just by arc country alone and so that we need to be a leader in stopping this a proposal to end fossil fuel emissions in the u.s.
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by twenty thirty is pending in congress political leaders say it's too radical and unlikely to pass but the student protesters say that only gives them more reason to carry on heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. some eyes still fighters are still putting up resistance against u.s. backed rebels in their last shred of territory in eastern syria the syrian democratic forces say three are still fighters emerged from the village of our goods on friday acting as though they were surrendering before setting off suicide bombs six people were killed. hundreds of thousands of a jury and have been back on the streets demanding president abdelaziz bouteflika resignation weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bid for a fifth term but it hasn't been enough to satisfy the masses have been rallying against him for weeks matheson has the support. this is not what the
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algerian government all president up there as he's beautifully hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down immediately as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leka has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the country shocked. falling oil prices badly hit algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of a beautifully for presidency some young algerians are taking their protests on why
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you want to be free. we need to be free and you will be just one income i've known in my life one president. i want change immediate change it's tough stance listen to you. to try to calm demonstrations both of flicka says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister a noted embed we has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government should. the mix we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you wants to get in we are already determined and our desire is strong and our doors are open to discuss and exchange visions of the good of like a government says it will heed the protesters demands but demonstrators say that we is a beautifully and the political says. has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is.
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one of the persons who have been removed from his in to rise i mean this is brother still running the show. are the security people still running the show or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. i the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change genealogy or. not matheson. also taking to the streets albania's the opposition they're calling on prime minister as you ramaa to resign they say the political system is corrupt and they want snap elections called immediately john straw poll this has more from toronto. was also been his political future will be is the question on people's minds as the political process moves into uncharted waters last month the opposition democratic
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party quit parliament and took to the streets saturday's protest is the latest event in a new political strategy that has left the country with an incomplete parliament the european union says the boycott undermines democracy the opposition says democracy is already a sham because the government has allowed money from the drug trade to control it or this huge amounts of money have been able to penetrate the economy and of course they have bought elections they have bought judges and prosecutors the police oppositions in the country they have they have made it possible for members of organized crime to become members of parliament and mayors state captured by organized crime. has led to an erosion of democracy the democratic party is ramping up pressure on the government ahead of local elections in june and more importantly a key decision by the european union the big question for albania is whether it'll
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be allowed to open membership talks with the european union in june that is its only realistic chance of raising its standard of living at the moment some fifty thousand young people are still leaving the country each year to find work abroad they join the ranks of albania is already large overseas community which sends home one and a quarter billion dollars a year that is ten percent of the economy but the e.u. is unlikely to open talks with a country that doesn't have a functioning justice system its top courts have been closed for a year as corrupt judges a rooted out some twenty three thousand cases have piled up many of them against decisions of the ruling socialist party so what was unexpected for us was to see that members of the constitutional court did not. vetting process as they were a fall off not justifying their worth or some of the
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judges that did not pass or prosecutors that did not pass the vetting were found to have connections with. criminal organization the socialists say the courts will open again in may but that may be too late to restore transparency and political stability jumpstart openness al-jazeera to run. the u.s. secretary of state my company is warning that the impose sanctions on anyone who attempts to sue the country or its citizens at the international criminal court now and november twenty seventh seen a request was made by the i.c.c. prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in afghanistan since two thousand and three judges are still reviewing it one hundred twenty three nations are members of the i.c.c. but major powers including the u.s. are not. that what was once known our once a rail yard is now home to new york's new best and most expensive real estate
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projects massive public subsidies have helped bring about the twenty five billion dollar development known as hudson yards but it's kristen salumi reports some less well off local residents are questioning what's in it for them. and. really. with the burst of confetti and lots of fanfare new yorkers were introduced to the city's newest and most expensive to develop neighborhood hudson yards is anchored by four high rise office and residential buildings home to an upscale shopping mall fancy restaurants and a state of the art cultural center known as the shed all surrounding public space and this honeycomb like structure of some twenty five hundred interconnecting stairs known for now simply as the vessel of this this is public space and that's not so posh this is a space that history for anyone to come see and that's the whole point of the construction began in december two thousand and twelve on top of still active train
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yards the brainchild of a former mayor hudson yards received an estimated five point six billion dollars from the city in the form of a brand new subway station and various tax abatements hudson yards was designed to bring some glamour to what had been a dilapidated neighborhood the basle to be a beacon for tourists and city residents alike but the political landscape here has changed prompting critics to question whether or not more high end retail and office space is really what taxpayers need. public uproar over a smaller tax break recently led the retail giant amazon to cancel plans to build a massive headquarters in the city. it's very hard to know when or if ever the new york city will break even on this deal because you're talking about layering so many different kinds of subsidies on a single project i want to thank everyone for being here i see many of my colleagues in government neither the mayor nor the governor of new york both known
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for their national political ambitions showed up for the event politicians who did touted the development economic benefits his project would be a boon to new york for three main reasons jobs jobs and more jobs the ray of sunlight they hope will penetrate any lingering clouds of uncertainty kristen salumi al jazeera new york. they're watching out is there and these are top stories the gunman arrested after new zealand's mosque attacks has been charged with murder twenty eight year old brendan tarrant didn't enter a plea or seek bail forty nine people died in the shootings at two mosques in christ church on friday well makeshift memorial has been set up in the city to pay tribute to the victims and messages of condolences and condemnation are being
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sent worldwide. prime minister just into our durned has met muslim community leaders in christchurch to offer sympathy support and we assure and she's promising tougher gun laws after the merge the suspect had legally obtained five guns including automatic weapons undoubtedly new zealanders would question how someone could have come to have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used in this case at ph who bring modified date is a challenge that police have been facing and that's a challenge that we will look to address. in changing. hundreds of thousands of algeria and says once again protested demanding that president of dillard these beautiful eco resign and weeks of demonstrations have already forced the president to drop this bid for a fifth term and so myself fighters are still putting up resistance against u.s.
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backed rebels in their last shred of territory is to syria the syrian democratic forces say three eisel fighters emerged from the village of goods on friday acting as though they were surrendering before setting off suicide bombs six people were killed the s.d.f. says that that attack highlights how difficult it is or it's been to wrap up their offensive the u.s. secretary of state my comp a.o. is warning that they'll impose sanctions on anyone who attempts to sue the country or its citizens at the international criminal court and the member twenty seventeen a request was made by the i.c.c. prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity and afghanistan since two thousand and three. counting a cost next stay with us. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and they three million dollars or twenty eight should. reveal secrets and
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connections some don't want exposed. as a lot of the world. will. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon on the rivals or so many guns sometimes even. i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost of al-jazeera or we can look at the world of business and economics this week he's on a mission to save the internet we'll talk to tim berners lee inventor of the world wide web. kenya's safari com is teaming up with china's biggest commerce company alibaba plus. i'm scott heiler in thailand the world's largest export are of raw.


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